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    1. How old are you?_________

    2. She went to the Stadium_________

    3. Esther__________English at evening classes this term.

    4. I don’t know what this sentence________

    5. John was driving into town when he_________out of petrol.

    6. I don’t enjoy computer games now, but I___________like them when I was younger.

    7. We expected Helen at 6.30 but___________yet.

    8. The film started___________so you’ve missed quite a lot.

    9.___________my sister three times today but her number’s always engaged.

    10. Anna: Shall I ring you at one o’clock?
    John: No, my lunch hour is earlier tomorrow so_____________my lunch in the canteen then. Ring me around one-thirty.

    11.______________to the dentist after college so I can’t play squash with you.

    12. I’ll write to you as soon as__________ my exam results.

    13. The builders_____________the house by the end of this month.

    14. This dictionary is____________useful than that one.

    15. I keep my grammar notes in a____________folder.

    16. Until last week, he____________a motorbike before.

    17. The day before the holiday, the men worked____________than usual.

    18. Let’s take a break soon,_____________?

    19. My father normally reads the paper while eating___________

    20. My manager says we _____________ take more than ten minutes for our break and, if we do, he’ll make us work extra hours.

    21. ______________ to take a spare T-shirt as you’ll probably get really hot playing tennis.

    22. You look really busy. _____________ I put the shopping away for you?

    23. When I got home I looked at the bill and realized the restaurant ________ added it up wrong so I´d paid too much.

    24. While my car _______________ I wandered round the city centre.

    25. My grandfather remembers ___________ into this house when he was a very small boy.

    26. Liam would have saved a lot of money, if he _________ to my advice.

    27. I´ve never really got _______________ my neighbour, probably because we’re so different.

    28. I wish I ________________ a good memory – it would make learning English much easier.

    29. I enjoyed ___________ last week.

    30. Since _________ school, Sheila has had several interesting jobs.


    Completa la redacción que consideres que se acerca más a tu nivel de inglés actualmente:

    • A1/A2: si tu nivel es bajo o elemental

    • B1: si tu nivel es intermedio

    • B2: si tu nivel es intermedio alto

    • C1: si tu nivel es avanzado

    Writing A1/A2
    Write about yourself:

    o Are you studying or working?
    o Describe yourself
    o Describe your family

    Writing B1
    Write about yourself:
    o Describe yourself
    o Tell about what things you are interested in
    o Tell what your friends and neighbours would say about you

    Writing B2
    What would you do if you won the lottery?

    Writing C1
    Some people believe that body language shows more about people´s true feelings than spoken language. Body language includes people´s facial expressions, hand gestures and posture. Do you believe we can tell more from body language than from what people say? Be specific and give concrete examples in your response.

    Contesta a las siguientes preguntas y así podremos ofrecerte lo que más te conviene.

    ¿Necesitas algún certificado?

    Si has seleccionado SI ¿Cuál?


    ¿Cuantas horas te gustaría estudiar a la semana?


    ¿Qué disponibilidad horaria tienes?


    ¿Como nos ha conocido? (Folletos, Facebook, Google, Amigos, Pasando por la calle, Otro medio?


    ¿Cómo te gustarían tus clases?

    Por ultimo escríbenos tu teléfono:

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    Autorizo a que English First Centre se ponga en contacto conmigo a través del correo y/o teléfono proporcionados

    He leído y conozco los términos y condiciones.

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